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Nationwide Surety

Nationwide provides Bid, Performance, payment, maintenance, subdivision, and site improvement bonds.
Typically with limits of up to 10 million with a 20 million aggregate backlog
Unique underwriting philosophy focused on net worth, credit history and successful track record of completing projects
Credit based, Surety Starter Program for smaller contractors

CPA reviewed tax returns not required. Great for smaller contractors.
The Surety starter program is credit based with 350,000 value with the goal in the near future for values of 500,000 with QUICK one hour turn around for underwriting.

Nationwide writes all types of contractors but stays away from hazardous material and software design.

  • Certificate of Title
  • License and Permit Compliance
  • City Specific License and Permit Bonds
  • Medicare DMEOS
  • Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond
  • Packers and Stockyards Clause I, II, and III
  • SC Residential Builders

Standard Employee Dishonesty with a one page application based on values up to 100,000 max and the number of employees

Probate (Fiduciary) up to 5 million with more available

Lottery Bonds

Erisa Bonds – value of 10% of the value of the account.

Why Nationwide-

  • A+ rated
  • Licensed in All States
  • Over 190 billion in assets-
  • Fortune 100 Company
  • T-Listing in excess of 1.1billion
  • 50 years experience
  • Bond Automated System with over 5000 bonds available today with more being added daily

Unique Underwriting Philosophy:

  • Net worth underwriting philosophy considering personal and business wealth
  • No strict ratios or working capital requirements
  • Flexible financial statement requirements with a focus on personal net worth
  • Outside the box “unique” underwriting
  • Bonds can range from a $500.00 permit bond to a 10 million and above Contract Bond



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  1. Paul on August 22, 2018 at 2:26 pm

    Nationwide provides a GREAT bond solutions for a variety of needs with contractors being provided exceptional benefits with easier approval process.
    Call us! 678-648-1900

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